List of Montessori friendly toys for your child (2-3 years old)

Here it is, the time to talk about what you’d like to give your child around Christmas or even more, a list to give to family members so you don’t end up with things you don’t want.

Our daughter is not a child growing with tons of toys, she has access to a Montessori classroom so the needs outside of it can be pretty simple.

I will reiterate the importance of practical life activities in the home for your child to feel included and participate in home life (sweeping, moping, cooking, washing etc).

Here is the list of our favourite toys for the past year:

Wooden blocks – this is a 100 block toy box from Melissa and Doug. it’s been loved for way over a year by Alexis and my students. It gives opportunities for creativity and imaginative play. I love that there is no colour, it makes for even more imagination.

Magnatiles – one of the only plastic toy we have but we did not cheap out on quality, the real magnatiles are hard plastic, very resistant and also screwed on so if mouthed by a younger sibling, no magnets get out of it. The hours of play with this one are countless for both our daughter and her friends.

Baby doll – this is a realistic one, we love reality in our toys especially as we are getting ready for a sibling to arrive in a few months, it makes even more sense. This baby has been sleeping with her for a year now.

Soft fabric doll – this one we love because it shows diversity of colour in people/toys. she loves playing with it and carrying it around. It makes for a lot of pretend/real life play as Rosie (doll’s name) has a life full of excitement.

Gym mats – for indoor gross motor and we use it with our kimboo/wobble board. This one is made in Canada.

Alexis has developped a taste for drawing and she does it on paper with crayons pencils but also loves this erasable board, we take it out as well it’s super practical.

We call it a telecran – you can erase and start over as much as you want. She loves it.

Buddha board – super loved, amazing for water fun and art developing imagination. There is even a mini version for travel.

Geoboard is great for manipulation and creativity, shapes etc

BOOKS… we will never have enough as long as they are quite realistic in their story. We are still dealing with first plane children (0-6 years old). I will make a specific article soon. 🙂

I hope this helps. Enjoy, the Holidays as a family and with friends, there is nothing better than experiences to share together – those are also invaluable gifts from life.

With Montessori love,


PS: some of these links are helping me get a commission at no cost to you. Thank you for contributing to my work to bring Montessori parenting into your home.

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