Freedom of choice

Wow !!! Long time no see. It has been a busy, crazy year and I haven’t had much time to write.

I do not forget you though and I know that Montessori education is still a subject you guys want to read about.

So let’s talk about it more !

First let me catch you up quickly… in June 2020, in the heart of the pandemic, I got pregnant with our second child, of course, like the first time, it meant a lot of nausea and hard times during the 1st and 2nd trimester. I eventually felt better and was working in my classroom as usual but we had to move houses… so we moved as I was entering the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We had to navigate a lot of changes for our toddler who was gonna become a big sister, had a tired mom and was adapting to a change of home. We got lucky, managed to be allowed to have my parents around to help out with classroom, toddler, cooking, and life… as I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy in February.

Fast forward 6 months… and here we are, in the heart of the summer, ending our vacation and ready for summer school before a new school year with new students and my baby ! Talk about added challenges lol

I love it though… all of it !

Today, I quickly wanted to talk about freedom of choice. You know how it is (or not and that’s ok, we are here to learn), we offer choices for children to get a say in what activity, toy, material they want to have at the moment. We talk about it a lot for toddlers in the Montessori classroom… but what about babies !?

It goes the same… babies as they get out of the first three months of life in the outer world and are getting used to be less of a newborn and a little more active (rolling, wiggling and laughing on purpose, smiling, answering to their name…), they have shown some preferences in what they like and who they like. They have habits and you better follow their lead to adapt to their growing personality. It’s fascinating !

A choice of wooden blue block, orange sensory ball and wooden shaker

To answer their needs, we allow choices. Yes ! Babies can make choices. So as our baby is 6 months, it looks like:

  • offering 2 choices of food in front of him
  • Leaving a tray with 3 different types of toys so he can choose when and how he wants to use them
  • giving some space on the floor to move around and choose if he wants to roll, hang out on his back, grab a toy…
  • I am starting to show him 2 different clothes and let him pick which one he’d like to mouth, taste before wearing
Choice of a teether ring, red sensory ball, wodden bell shaker

Babies will learn, this way, that their voice, choice is being respected, because to me, in Montessori, freedom of choice is RESPECT.

Here is a list of some possible toys for babies around this age:

Sensory ball set – so baby gets to touch, mouth different textures

Wooden building blocks – Get the set and offer just one or two to baby and as he grows, offer more so baby can start building later on.

Teether – all sorts exist, our favourite is Sophie la Girafe teether

Rattle ring – so much fun as it rings when baby shakes it and it is easy to grab and mouth

Let me know what are your baby’s favourites !!!

With Montessori love,


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