Enjoying Fall season with toddlers

Yes ! Finally ! It’s fall and I cannot be happier. I love Fall, this is the most beautiful, colourful season. The fashion is the best, the temperatures are bearable and enjoyable. Since I am in my second trimester, I enjoy it even more this year.

With toddlers, there are many ways to honour the new equinox:

Punching holes (leaf shapes) and pasting them on a piece of paper

Art : we have 2 activities that we change for fall, the punching holes to make leaf shapes (and paste them), as well as our poking activity (leaves, apples, pumpkins…).

Poking holes to tear the shape safely – amazing for fine motor work

Cooking :

-Apples are a must this season, as well as pears, pumpkins and other squash. We already made delicious apple sauce a couple of weeks ago, we will be working on apple pies this week at school and soon will come pumpkin pies and my plan is to have an orange thanksgiving so all the food will be orange.

Fall colours are not only for leaves outside but also for our plates.

Gross motor:

This is for all seasons but I find that fall is perfect because it’s not too hot, my child is wearing pants so she is less scared of scraping her legs while trying on new things like climbing this rock at our favourite Nature park. That’s a perfect moment for observing squirrels and other animals getting ready for Winter. I love it !

Climbing is a must.

Last but not least – Books:

There is so much to know about pumpkins, apples, Halloween, Thanskgiving, animals getting ready for cold weather, colours… that books are also a perfect way to convey our love for Autumn.

Our favourite book this autumn… and the most beautiful

I hope you enjoy yourself this season because it is packed with great fun and learning activities. Decorate the house with pieces of Nature found outside, no need for fancy decorations you need to put away in a bin cluttering your house when all we need is right there for us.

Enjoy !

In Montessori love,


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