Our preparation for baby with Montessori education and minimalism in mind

Now is the time to start thinking about what we need to get ready for, when it comes to baby #2. I am 20 weeks pregnant so half-way through this pregnancy. I am really excited as I have a little more energy and I eat better – back to balanced meals as nausea disappeared. I still have to work around some heartburn and cannot eat my heart’s content but I eat better so I also feel better – yay 2nd trimester ! My toddler and students are also happy as it means back to our routines and our regular work cycle. We even have new students arriving this time of year.

Alexis on day 2, on Mom. That’s all she needed.

I read and see a lot about what we need to get ready for baby. I am honestly appalled at how much there is out there that tells you to buy buy buy, you need this and that. These blogs and articles are all sponsored a way or another by companies that want you to get more so you spend money on them. I understand that of course, however, I do think that what new parents or second time parents need is peace of mind more than STUFF. Of course, you are free to spend as much as you want and get your house full of things if it makes you feel better but I can assure you that eventually, when baby is here, you will feel more overwhelmed than anything else. Everybody’s needs are different so we can’t really tell you what to get but I can help you with a minimalist and Montessori approach.

If I have only one message for parents-to-be it will be this : your baby needs you, clothes for the season, food and a place to sleep (which sometimes, is YOU).

So I will be succinct in my list of what suits our needs in our Montessori home:

  • TOPPONCCINO – this baby size mat also called security pillow helps the baby to feel comfortable as they transition from arms to different arms or arms to sleep place etc It can also help some people who are not comfortable with holding (small) baby. We had one for Alexis and I wish we would have had a 2nd one (when there were pee leaks) so this time around I am prepared – I am getting another one from the same company so it feels the same for baby. I always choose organic cotton. You can also make it if you have the talent and time.
  • Sleep sack – even if not mandatory, it is safer than a blanket for babies under 1 year old. It keeps baby warm for the season and still allows for movement – I am a big defender of baby’s needs to move.
  • Floor bed – we do start with a bassinet in our bedroom at first so I can recover and pick up baby easily. After a month or so, baby will start napping on the floor bed. We use an organic cotton crib mattress simply placed on the floor in a child friendly bedroom. It worked great for Alexis, she transitioned to also sleep there at night by 5 months. I do know she was ready before that but my mom’s heart liked having her close. I can say by observation of my child, that she would have been sleeping even better (less noise from snoring and movement) if I had moved her to her bedroom and her floor bed around 4 months at the first sign of sleep regression. I have learnt from it.
Alexis’ floor bed (with her topponccino on top – she used it for so long and loved it). The stuffies on her bed were not allowed there when she was sleeping until she was big enough to move things around by herself and could roam around (safety first). The material on her shelves are the ones she was using at around 5 months.
  • You can use a changing table if you like, we had one, we hardly used it as it is not safe as soon as baby wants to turn. Our first baby wiggled and turned accidentally at 10 days. So, this was a big expense and a big piece of furniture for nothing, we sold it and changed her on a changing pad wherever we needed to change her. This time, no changing table ! We have tables, beds, floors that are great for us to change the baby and I feel good about having less furniture around.
  • After a few days / couple of weeks sometimes, baby will be ready to explore more than our faces so we make sure that we have a place or 2 dedicated for her/him called a movement area. We used a rug with a blanket on top (you can wash it as much as you want + topponccino if need be) and we would use a black and white book and/or cards for Alexis to watch (no need for crazy colours or crazy things to look at, your baby can only see contrast such as black and white). I am preparing the Munari mobile for this phase.

And that’s it ! I will hopefully have milk to feed baby, my pump and bottles as well so other people can feed baby such as my husband, grandparents and the big sister – we also loved our nursing pillow (Boppy) but I have seen people doing great with a regular pillow. We also still have a carrier and I will get a scarf/wrap to carry baby at the beginning

All needs are addressed: feeding, changing, sleeping, moving.

It might seem unconventional to not have a changing table or a crib or a bottle warmer etc etc but we find ways around this, we have less, we feel good and we are confident that we will adapt to our baby’s needs as she/he comes. I hope you can also feel confident and if not, I am one email away !

With love,


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