How are you ? (2) Let’s do a check up on how you feel.

More than ever, I have time to take care of my needs. Yes, even with a toddler around. One major change is that I have a better exercise and beauty routine down and I intend to keep it this way. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is easy all the time. I have days when I am exhausted (I blame Netflix more than myself) and I have less energy and less patience which makes me feel a bit guilty when I raise my voice or cannot accomplish what goals I had for the day.

I am also learning to let go of perfect days, of normal, because none of this has been normal. However, I have many tools that I use to remain happy overall and it helps tremendously once I had decided to apply self-care before anything else. You read right: SELF-CARE BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. This is part of what I will be teaching in my course The Art of Well-being (for better parenting), because let’s be realistic here, we cannot be our best or even good self unless our cup is filled (and I am not talking about caffeine, (though it helps too).

Finding what makes me happy and a self-care routine is essential to be my best self.

Being a parent is hard – especially without much help from family or community – but it does not have to a struggle and while our child(ren)’s temperaments have something to do with it, it is mainly about how we feel, how we react to things. However, we don’t know how to be our best self. Especially if things keep changing on us all the time.

Do you feel drained by the day with children and home life? Do you sometimes cry and feel guilty that you are not the good parent you want to be? Do you feel unhappy, moody about your parenting or life in general?

Well, this is not your fault , the expectations of perfect parenting, perfect house, perfect job, perfect balance is always in your face and you compare yourself. You see the picture of the perfect non crying, obedient child with no screen who puts his toys away every time he is asked to. You see the picture of the calm, balanced parent all the time. It does add to the pressure. In real life, you will never have all this… it’s ‘perfect’ and perfection does not actually exist. However, you get closer to this picture and you create your own version of what is perfect for you and your family.

This is what this course wants to help you achieve. You can feel less pressure, you can feel like a good parent (that you are), calmer, happier, less reactive. You will know how to communicate better and respond to your child’s needs in a more efficient manner. but first and foremost, you will fill this cup of yours with more happiness and take a sip whenever you need it.

There is one trick: You need to want it and make the self-care change, I will guide you through all of it but I can’t do it for you. So if you are ready for this kind of commitment to yourself (and your family), I would love to have you in my course this summer.

I wish you a wonderful hopefully warmer spring day !

Take care !


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