How are you ? (2) Let’s do a check up on how you feel.

Hello everybody, I am so glad I manage some time to write today. These past couple of months have been full of changes and new projects: there is a pandemic, people wear masks (and look scary a little), we can’t go shopping, we are alone with our child(ren) at home – sometimes with no idea what to do because, well… usually they are at school. Just check what applies to you and you might have anxiety on your hands.

Personnaly, after the anxiety of the début subsided, I started enjoying the REAL slow living of balancing new work with cooking (and trying new things in my kitchen), keeping up with housework and stay cool so my toddler understands there is something going on but that it does not have to be scary as long as we stay in and enjoy what we have. I even started knitting again and I have read several books!!!!! My big win is that I finally had time to put more thought and action into launching a course on well-being and parenting (exciting!!!).

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