How are you ? Checking in on your well-being.

Dear friends,

how are you ? How is life treating you in these trying times ? How do you feel?

I would love to know because we are all in this and at times, I do feel overwhelmed and the mess in the kitchen gets to me and I am never quite sure what to start with in the morning. Do you feel like this too ?

Being a community and helping each other have been so important to us. Being kind and receiving love as well as giving even more than usual has been amazing! I think this situation is teaching us a few things in terms of friendship, love and connection.

So I just want to tell you that, I am here to listen, talk, help if I can because this is what we need right now.

I created a Facebook group called : Well-being with Adeline and I hope that we can connect through it with talking about how we can feel better even on bad days, even when we feel like nothing will ever go back to normal or we’re scared of what the new normal will be. We keep each other accountable for taking care of ourselves with little steps.

We are even doing a challenge, just for fun to try new things that could help us feel happier. If you want to get in, you are welcome, no pressure. We are just here to give you Love and feel like our happy self.

in Montessori Joy,



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