A new year. A new decade. A new parent.

Hello dear parents and caregivers,

I want to wish you a happy New Year !!! 2020 is the beginning of a new year but also the beginning of a new decade, we have entered the 20’s.

Each beginning of year I get my new planner and I am always excited about it. I review my old planner, reflect on what happened and get closure so I can move on to the next year. I love my passion planner.

I review things about me, my family, my work. And then what… ?

I set my fresh new goals for the new year. I love this part. It is like changing year gives you a fresh start. It might just be in our mind only but what matters is that we reflect on what we want for ourselves, our family, our work, our passions…

Once I have decided on my goals, I think about how I will reach them. For this, I set intentions – the how will I get to succeed at what I want.

My passion planner 2020. I chose a vibrant yellow to brighten the year.

Once I have my intentions, I organize baby steps to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself with it all. Honestly, it works. Thanks to my planner, I get to review each month, what happened and how I can set, reset, new goals, new intentions to get to what I want. I am allowed to change them or keep pushing myself towards the ones I have set in the first place.

For this new year, I wish you to be able to parent with intention and take care of yourself. Remember we talked about this in 2019 (article here).

That’s my goal and I have started working on it by taking a calm and confidence challenge organized by the mindful mama mentor. I love it. It’s simple and efficient.

What are your goals and intentions for this new year ?  

Remember, if you need help with all this parenting thing, I can help. 🙂  

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