I am a toddler

This week’s post is a little different. I have been thinking about it for a long time. 

As I think about the toddler of 2.5 years old plus in my care or the ones I taught before here or in France, as observe my daughter (almost 2 years old) going through life, good and hard moments, I imagine what they are going through and what they can be thinking or what they would like us to know and understand. This little voice in my head resonates every time my daughter or a student says no and sit on the floor with tears of desperation. It’s a good exercise for us, adults, to do. Observe and imagine what they would be saying if they could.

” I am a toddler, I am not a baby. I can do things by myself, I want to do by myself, I want you to help me but I don’t want you help me like an adult. Adults are stressful and stressed, I feel it, they go up and down stairs really fast but they don’t seem to think it’s fun. They always need me to go fast and it’s not fun. If I don’t go fast enough, they seem angry, I don’t understand why. Then they push me harder to do things quick quick quick! If I don’t, they do it for me and it makes me upset, because, I know how to do it but I have my own pace, I am a person, my own person.

I like making decisions for myself (and sometimes for other people as well). I like order and predictability, it keep me grounded and less scared. When things change all the time – adults always have a good reason for it- I feel scared, insecure and I can’t really say it, sometimes, nobody listens to me so I CRY and I SCREAM.

My emotions are explosive and I can’t calm down – not yet, give me time. Sometimes I need space. Sometimes I need a presence and a hug. I need my guides in life to know I am full of love and curiosity and I just want to connect with them to understand this world I have been thrown in.

I don’t want to put my coat on to go outside because I am focused on something else right now. I don’t want to stop jumping in puddles because it’s fun and I live right in the moment.

I sit, throw myself, lie down and scream and cry because nobody seems to understand – maybe they forgot how it was for them – that being a toddler is hard.

I want to do it on my own. I want to wear my green shirt today. I want to put my shoes on even if we are late, I don’t mind if we are late, I’m here to learn, I’m here to love and be loved so I can grow confident and resilient.

Let’s try to live slower and happier for our family’s sake and our growing children’s sake. Remember, if you think a situation is hard on you, then it’s even harder for your toddler. 


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