Our first year of toys (2) – Christmas shopping list

As I get deeper into Christmas decorations and activities with the children, I am more and more excited about the family time we will spend together as my niece is coming to spend the end of the year with us in our new home.

xmas board
Our Chrismas welcome board in the cloakroom, decorated by the students with star stickers !!!

As promised, here is the list of the material our daughter and her friends used from about 6 months until they turned 1 year old and over. Enjoy !!

Stacking rings made of wood, I love it and so did the children, we still get some use out of it and she is 15 months. I would also consider the one that rocks to add some challenge to it.

Nesting, stacking bowls – can be used over and over for different purposes.

We also had and still have a basket with different everyday life container to open such as a little container with lid, a little bottle with a screw lid,  mini money purse with different types of opening (zipper…)

Any types of wooden blocks work, we got ours from an Etsy shop such as this one.

Play silks and other types of fabric that are really sensorial for the babies. Here is a version a little less expensive though I don’t know what they are worth in quality.

Pots and pans – that was a big hit and you can use it to mix food in it.

We also added closer to one year old the velcro dressing frame, however our daughter started using it before 12 months for sure.  Ours was a little different but it is not being made anymore. This one seems like a close one.

I would advise to never underestimate the power of a table and chairs at the children size such as this one. We also love the IKEA versions: cheap but won’t last forever LATT or the SUNDVIK table and chair a lot more sturdy.

Last but not least a coordination mirror – best thing ever. They loooved it and for a long time.

If you have any question and you want to know more about what our daughter and friends used in our environment – please feel free to ask questions.


Have some merry fun !!!


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