Our first year of toys (1) – Christmas shopping list

Hello everybody,

I am in Christmas mode today as the first snow hit Halifax. We got out for a walk in the snow and it was delightful though my daughter does not understand what the big fuss is about yet.

With Christmas spirit comes the baking and reminiscing about our last year with our daughter and the baby students we had back on the West coast.

So I though I would put together a list of the toys, material that were a big hit from birth until one year old. It might help some of you gather nice things for a baby you have at home or love outside of home.

From 0 to 6 months:

The first thing I used was this black and white book. You can also use a Munari mobile.

black and white book


There are also nice sets of Montessori material for babies and we got ours from Etsy or a local Montessori company in BC Canada (http://www.beginningmontessori.com/five-pack/).

baby toys
Our 3 month old baby with 2 of the toys you can find in sets of Montessori toys.

You can also find alternatives in wooden toy store or on the Internet.

As you go you can use all the different Montessori mobile as you mix and match with the grabbing toys:


Here are some of the toys I did not get for Alexis but I would have liked. I got them for other babies around me since then like the colourful bead grasper or its natural alternative.

After a while, some of these toys would be used as teether of course and we found other alternatives so her senses could be enhanced:

  • teether ball from the sensory balls
  • A wooden teething ring
  • a silicone teething ring that she also eventually used as a bracelet
  • someone offered us one like this one that was going into the freezer, it was a big hit for her when she was hurt, but always make sure there is no leak and that they are safe to use prior to give to baby and after each time you wash it.
  • last but not least our famous French Sophie la girafe.
sophie la girafe
4 months old baby and her giraffe.


I was looking at our last Christmas pictures and what she had on her blanket on the floor was pretty much a bunch of these teethers including the interlocking disks and always a few board books, never forget books.

I will come back soon with what worked for us from 6 to 12 months.

Have fun shopping for these little ones !

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