It’s still Autumn !

Hello everybody !

As much as I want it to be Christmas already, I realize that we are still in a Fall mood, weather is cooling down, the leaves are still falling making the ground beautiful with warm colours. I LOVE FALL !

As we are more settled in our new home and as we are welcoming a new student in our home preschool, we still have some Autumn fun !

girls in fall leaves
Playing in the leaves !!!

Today, I took the girls out for a little outing and we ended up spending quite some time in the garden, raking leaves (best Fall practical Life activity ever !) and playing in the leaves we had raked in big inviting piles!

It’s not a matter of age, I had fun, my young toddler had fun and our new girl student also had fun ! It was so beautiful and nice! This was enough exercise to all be hungry for lunch!

fall poking
Art activity: Poking !

Right before nap time, our student and I had time to do some drawing and poking. I love poking as an art activity because it refines fine motor and is an alternative to scissors to cut shapes.

We will enjoy the last days of coloured leaves falling on the ground and will welcome Christmas time with open arms.


I hope you will as well ! ? 


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