Power of being together

Hello everybody  and Happy Thanksgiving !

I have been away from the website for the past few weeks as we were/are busy relocating our life (and business) to another province of Canada. My husband drove with some of our belongings from Vancouver to Nova Scotia as our daughter and myself would spend about 10 days in Alberta in my husband’s family.

As a Montessori parent, I focused a lot on making sure I could ease this transition for our toddler. She has been wonderful even if she did not like the change. Her sense of order is definitely shaken off and Dad was not around for over a week. This has been hard ! However, by making sure the routine of the day is about the same and placing some of her material around the in-laws’ house, we survived.

One big thing this transition is teaching me is: I LOVE spending time with my daughter one on one even more than I thought! We are taking the time to stare at each other’s eyes and laugh, we sit in the grass at the park and just listen, feel the wind and respect each other’s need for peace and quiet. It has been great!

peace and quiet in AB
Watching at my daughter being present and enjoying peace and calm.

Don’t get me wrong, we are both ready for the new house and to meet Dad at the airport tomorrow but this time together in a different place made us even closer so we could remain strong in this time of change.

My husband, as a wonderful Montessori parent is already in the new place and the priority is: making our daughter ‘s bedroom so she can see she has her space and she can be in a place made for her. We purged a looot for this move and I think are evolving towards more minimalism but for the sake of my toddler’s sense of order, we kept her bed, child-size wardrobe, chest and chair – by respect for what she likes and knows.

We are lucky… we are happy… we will be reunited soon and we can all be thankful !

I will be back soon with more Montessori and parenting articles when we are unpacked. In the meantime, take the time to gaze at your beautiful children’s eyes and see how much they love you, they are thankful for YOU!

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