Kitchen fun continues

Hello everybody !

August is almost over but we still have a week of kitchen fun before September.

I will be talking, in the next few weeks about a subject I cherish because it is SO important for our children: Independence.

In most of what we set up for children, we look for independence of use which will be building self-confidence and self-esteem for their life!

One thing we use for independence in the kitchen are:

-a low shelf with some dishes (bowls, plates…) and other activities that rotate and are related to the kitchen.

kitchen shelf.jpg

-a learning tower so the child can be at counter top level to help with the cooking or cleaning and /or observe what you are doing.

learning tower
Our daughter on her learning tower, always enjoying watching or helping around !


-a table for washing hands or dishes at their level.

These are great options for you to consider – and you can do a lot by yourself without breaking the bank!


To enhance the kitchen experience, we also have smelling boxes, a total sensorial experience with boxes they can match (eventually) or just explore as they go through the kitchen.




For language, we have a favourite this month and it was a gem to find: Pots and Pans book!

pots and pans book.jpg



Let’s keep having fun in the kitchen and talk about Independence even more in the next little while!


How do you involve your child in the kitchen ?



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