August at Chez Mahé: kitchen and cooking!

Hello everybody!

We have been back from vacation for about 2 weeks and our young toddlers are really getting back into their work and as we have walkers now, we go for bigger walks.

In our classroom, certain material have changed as the children grow older and others have not so we can meet everybody’s needs – we have different ages after all!

Some hand-eye coordination material on our shelf this month!

At the top:

Nesting dolls – this is a bit hit, our toddlers love them (I put only 3 out)

Stacking nesting bowls – children have been nesting for a while and as we reintroduce it later, they start stacking the bowls. Ours are colourful but if I was buying them again I would take the monochrome version, I like it better for children to focus on the size instead od the colours.

Stacking rings – it is still popular with our toddlers – I started with 3 rings, then 4 and we will get up to the whole set. Later one, they will use it to grade but at first we use for hand-eye coordination only.

Palette of pegs – this is very new to our toddlers and it is now used to place the pegs in the wholes – patience before they are all in. Later on, we will use to match colours with the beads.

On the bottom shelf:

Stacking boxes – a large version for gross motor work as well… for nesting or stacking later on!

Beads on serpentine – this one is from IKEA and it works well to help practice crossing the midline.

Hammer and pegs – they love it, it started before one year old with matching the pegs in the holes and then hammering goes way beyond the age of one!

This month is also the month for cooking !!

cooking vocabshelf
Language shelf with pots and pans, utensils and their matching cards and books about food!

We got our utensils back on the language shelf and I made some matching cards – the first matching cards are the pictures of the actual utensils on the shelf and about the same size… why will you say ? Because young children learn from reality, the real things so to recognize a utensil on a card starts with the picture of the one they know. In a few weeks or months, depending on how the matching goes, I will bring out the same utensils but with a slightly different colour, shape… so the matching becomes more abstract.


On these shelves we also have some pots and pans made out of stainless steel so they are safe and can be used for cooking – we will keep it to mixing for now.

We are making snack together and it’s a lot of fun !

What do you do for introducing cooking to your toddlers ?


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