Summer Fun – part 2

We are about to go on vacation and get some family alone time but beforehand, I want tell you about our last week or so.

Summer has been hooooot in British Columbia and it has been harder for children to sleep properly. However, we are trying to have fun with our babies/toddlers.

Every morning we are taking them for a looong walk or a shorter one to the park. Slides, swings and moving around on the grass in the shade is a luxury these days.

Since the weather is so hot, we have brought a lot of water into our daily life, from water spray to cool down inside and chase children around the house for spraying has been so much fun !!!! The children crawl around and ask for more.

We also had a water day !!! Instead of a swimming pool we made it different, we had a hose and basins of water with cups. The cups are a type of Practical Life pouring exercise, or drinking exercise at times and they love it !

water day july 17th
Simple basins with water go a long way for a fun water afternoon !

As soon as basins were out, 2 of the children just went straight in them and stayed there to play and splash, it was so much fun !!! I love hear them giggle and laugh!

I encourage you to have fun with water, it can be messy but it’s worth it!

I wish you a warm but not too hot summer fun !!!

Tell me what you do with your children outside this summer!

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