Summer fun – part 1

Yes, the summer is here ! I have graduated and I am now free to spend my whole days with our little students and my daughter ! Lots of work but also so much pleasure and fun !!!


This week I want to tell you about the fun we have at Chez mahé ! We don’t care much about weather, we adapt to weather ! Unless you live in a horrible heat that keeps you inside, please get your children outside and have fun with them or relax as they enjoy themselves (but of course, you are still watching !!!) in sun, clouds or rain.

liliclimbing in rain.jpg
Even in rain gear, our toddlers love to climb, nothing stops them !

Montessori always made a point in giving children opportunities to experiment, move and adapt so by giving the children opportunities to be outside for a little while you can give them all that:

  • we experiment through new material, new flowers blooming, new walk paths…
tunnel fun.jpg
This tunnel has heard a lot of laughing from our toddlers, they looove it !!! It can be used inside and outside in all weather.
  • we give opportunities to move by crawling in the grass, a fun colourful tunnel, climbing stairs (under supervision) – children don’t seem to be slower on cement and concrete, they are tough… even when you offer the softness of grass, they choose concrete as they can practice they walking… yes  we do have brand new walkers here !!! It’s been fun !
  • we adapt to each child’s level by providing diversity of activities and giving them choice of movement opportunities.


That’s it for this week ! Enjoy it rain or shine !

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