Gardening in June – our book selection

This week is getting interesting as one of our toddlers green bean is sprouting in the glass jar. To make it easier to observe, we used cotton ball in the jar (it retains water and a perfect humidity level for beans to sprout) and placed the ‘seeds’ in between the jar side and the cotton.

Over the weekend, one of the beans sprouted, how exciting is that ?!! VERY EXCITING! This little girl has been watering her little beans every day this week. We use a little stainless steel jug from the kitchen for the beginning and

jug and watering can
We start by watering with the little water jug and will move to the watering can as the beans are transferred into the dirt.

as it gets bigger we will use the watering can that is patiently waiting on the shelf to be used.


Now it will grow fast and the changes are going to be daily which makes it more interesting for young children who need things to happen fast. Staring at a glass jar with beans laying there… not as interesting on a daily basis as the bean that changes every day.

The first bean to sprout this year… so fascinating to see it grow so fast!

As soon as the green stem and the first leaves will appear, we will transfer it to dirt so the plant can get more nutrient.

We will also, at some point, show the children that we can use crushed eggshell and coffee grounds to give those plants some natural fertilizer and keep ants at bay.

Crushing eggshells with a mortar is a good Practical Life activity for our toddlers so let’s use this as a tool to fertilize our garden as well.



As promised here are the books we have available on the shelf or ready for us to read to our little students. They always love a beautiful book to look at, by themselves or through our little group reading time.


Those group time are always a good opportunity to sing a few songs. We get a lot of clapping from them and some cute dance moves!

Here are the links to those books :

1- Planting the Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, Nice one to read to them and show them the colours of different flowers and vegetables.

2- The Little Gardener by Jan Gerardi, I really like to show them this one with the flaps under which there are more words and pictures of tools and so on.

3- L’imagerie des bébés: Les légumes , we also speak French here so it is nice to have some French vegetable vocabulary. Not the best book as the pictures are not real pictures of veggies and each of the veggies have a face on them… but this is the one we have until I find better.

4- Eating the rainbow by Star Bright Books, we have had this one for a while but I love it as it classifies food by colours. It is a favourite as it uses actual pictures of children eating those food.

5- The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss, a cute book, simple for babies and young toddlers.



I hope you are enjoying gardening and reading as much as we do !!!



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