It’s June, let’s garden !

I do love this time of year, when all the senses can be at play OUTSIDE and INSIDE. I hope our babies/toddlers will appreciate it as much as I do!

For our month of June, we are switching our theme from Farm animals to The Garden which will be reflected in various ways (starting by removing the farm animals basket and the books accompanying it):


garden shelvesjune
Simple language shelf reflecting the garden theme for the next couple of months.

Our language shelf will reflect the change, we are bringing our basket of gardening tools the children can feel in many ways safely (nothing pointy for them yet), this will be used for vocabulary (this is a trowel… a fork… a rake… a watering can OR in French ceci est une truelle, une fourche… un râteau… un arrosoir) and accompanied soon by matching cards.

We also have a couple of board books for them on the shelf and also more to read during story time. I will tell you more when my collection is a little more complete.


The children will also see these tools or their equivalent used in the garden as we plant, seed, weed and water while we are outside. Soon, some of these children will help us water the garden and the plants outside (easier when they can stand/walk on their own), in the meantime, we model and they can always experience water and dirt.

The beginning of our garden : tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and bell peppers, eventually, the children will get to eat them in the summer.

I will also take advantage of this time to place a bean in a glass jar with dirt and look at it grow from scratch. It’s always fascinating! We can water it and look at the transformation happening.

We will also make some planters with herbs to watch grow and that they can safely munch on later on in the summer.

This is a fun way to do things with your children as well… place some dirt in a container, place seeds and cover them with dirt, water and let the magic of Nature happen as they grow. Your child will love it!

What do you have in your garden for the little ones to appreciate ?


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