Chez Mahé this week

As I am about to take my final Montessori exams, I keep thinking about what our children need. As I re-read Maria Montessori, I think that as long as I follow my child then it will all be fine.  We can be tempted to follow our adult lead because we think we know better. However, children tell us otherwise, in their own way, they are showing us the path to follow and follow them.

My daughter loves moving and being outdoors so we go for tons of walks and relaxing time at the beach.

On that note, I have decided to modify our environment a little, not much so our toddlers can still feel in the familiar house that they have been used to. The shelves have evolved with the different interest and needs of the children.

Some of these material will be used by all three children of different age (10, 13 and 14 months) but in different ways. Our stacking cups have become interesting for our 10 month old but have become a building exercise for the oldest. The little wooden bar with coloured pegs will meet different needs but is of high interest for all.

HOWEVER, what all of those children need is Movement ! I think I made it pretty obvious in the past 2 articles. So, we got rid of a table that was not used that much and we opened the space for more movement.

open space for movement.jpg
Lots of gross motor opportunities in our classroom

I had the idea when our daughter, who is now crawling and standing up and climbing, was in our family living room which we cleaned up and is now a big empty space with a couch and a couple of things here and there. She was so happy to just go around in big circles and have space to crawl.

SO here is our classroom for the time being, less furniture in the middle, space more open and full of opportunities to move around and stand up and walk. I moved the wagon in the middle of this big space and they have tons of chances to stand up otherwise.

I know the ball tracker will still be a big hit for quite some time as it allows gross motor and hand eye coordination work.

ball tracker
The ball tracker is fascinating as the ball moves down.


The rest of the work on shelves might not be as interesting now as our little ones need to work on their moves but it is still there if they need it. Now, we will wait and observe.

We keep going outside and provide lots of opportunities to be in the grass in contact with Nature, it’s a blessing here in Vancouver.


What are your young toddlers doing these days ?

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