Movement and music in our classroom

I really want to write about the importance of movement and one of these days I will as it is an important topic for Montessori. You want a hint ? Movement and brain functions are closely related and work together… I will leave it at that until I can go deeper in another post. (Do you hear the suspense music? Dam dam dam!)


This week I will just share what we do for music and the development of movement in our home for our daughter and other babies in our care.


We love to move, so do children ! Our babies, at Chez Mahé, are developing fast, movement wise as there is some creeping, crawling and some walking with help and standing with and without help.

To contribute to the development of movement, we have a lot of children-size elements they can climb on or hold on to:

-ottoman (of different size)

ottoman climbing.jpg
Climbing the ottoman is a must… nice view from there !!!



-mirror with side bars

-baby gym that is not used as a baby gym anymore but as a funny bridge to go under or another something to hold on to.

Those are examples and you can have many things your child can safely climb on or hold onto.

We also foster outside time with a lot of crawling in the grass and/or standing, creeping with a few objects to meet their needs for the time outside.

mack outside.jpg
Crawling in the grass is such a fun activity for children and the relationship to Nature develops naturally.

We also go for walks but those have been more relaxing for the children who admire  Nature and more of a workout for the adults. 🙂 It is an amazing opportunity for giving language as those little ears are very curious: “This is a tree” “Look at the flowers!”…


I am a music fan, and so is my husband so the children get  to hear a lot of songs, that we sing ourselves (from nursery-rhymes to total French singers songs…). My husband likes to play some jazz in the afternoon to keep the atmosphere relaxing before nap time.

Soon, when I am not as busy as I am now (cannot wait for the summer), I will play my flutes for them (I have a couple of them!).

On our shelf we also have percussion right now in a basket so the children can MOVE and get into the rhythm. If they happen to look at me when happily shaking a maracas, I am dancing to their rhythm and we have fun together!

This basket of instruments contain 2 egg shakers, another animal shaped shaker (a little louder to appreciate nuances), 2 maracas and a bell shaker (from when our daughter was younger). They love them, share them and always seem so happy when using the percussion.

percussion session.jpg
Percussion jam session for babies and my husband.

MUSIC is so POWERFUL for happiness.

I hope you enjoy your little one(s) moving to music, it’s the best!


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